Newsfeed March 2019


In the beginning of 2019 we embarked on a collaboration with the well-known Peter Clark Art Centre in Newlands, Cape Town. The logic behind this new venture is to allow youth from disadvantaged areas to have the privilege to partake in formal art lessons in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere where the learners will feel safe and confident.

The lessons are developed to discover and mine hidden talent as well as to enhance much needed life skills

  • Building confidence
  • Visual literacy and creative expression
  • Observational and technical skill development
  • Holistic creative problem-solving
  • Developing a positive attitude and a sense of self worth

We are well and truly on our way to what we believe will be an AMAZING Project. I’d like to think that this photo represents the LFAF Art Project done in collaboration with Peter Clarke Art Centre.

The girl in the photo is Awvuyina Mase. She’s 13 years old and in grade 8. She lives in the Khayelitsha Township with her grandparents. She loves the art programme, especially working with colours because it makes her happy. The art class makes her feel calm and think of her mother who also loves art. “I love the beautiful old building filled with artistic people and activities and I just hope I can stay in the program”.



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