Future Male Leaders


  • 2 Schools
  • 47 Boys

The programme strives to empower young boys by imparting the knowledge of leadership to them. It further teaches them the necessary life skills and coping mechanisms to deal with the challenges in life and make a success thereof.

Drumming is used as a medium to help participants focus their attention, to build teamwork, to listen, to communicate, to interpret and to encourage self-expression. The programme focuses on the following topics:

  • History of Self
  • Intentions & Expectations
  • Trust and building lasting relationships
  • Self-awareness
  • What is my Purpose
  • Branding You


The workshops take place at collaborating schools as well as the Gold Fields Centre at Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens. Our current facilitator is Andile Ndikandika, a true role model for young boys.

The purpose of the programme:

Since 2018 our Foundation has invested in Leadership programs for young male leaders on an ongoing basis.

  • The programs strive to empower young boys with new and different skills and coping mechanisms.
  • The groups consist of learners whose school has already identified them as having the potential and motivation to become role models in their communities.
  • The program takes into consideration that the abilities of these young people are varied as they often come from difficult home backgrounds and deprived communities.
  • The program is structured so that participants can discover their inner potential as a key to their future.
  • Young boys need to believe that with hard work they can do what they set their hearts on.
  • Essential life skills can help them towards achieving their dreams.

Perceived outcome:

  • Practices for better conflict resolution and behaviour management
  • Self-motivation to grow into strong individuals and good role models
  • Mastering of guidelines to evaluate personal effectiveness
  • Creating awareness of stress management
  • Creating guidelines for a balanced life
  • Practices to increase people potential

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