Girls With Goals


  • 45 Girls

South African teenagers face many challenges. One of the most obvious is a high teenage pregnancy rate in rural communities. The alarming school dropout rate of the girl child has been attributed to the high absenteeism. Research has shown that the absenteeism has a direct link to their menstrual cycle and their inability to access sanitary towels.

The Girls with Goals programme, based in the rural villages of Suurbraak and Buffeljags River in the Western Cape, aims to develop confidence, leadership and life skills in young women. It provides a platform for the girls to discuss issues relating to the changes from adolescence to adulthood in a nurturing environment.  By so doing, it hopes to empower young woman to become more assertive, goal orientated, independent and to be a positive role models to younger girls.

This programme provides each participant with a Go-Go sanitary pack on a monthly basis which enables the girls to attend a full month at school without any academic interruptions and to particape in our programme and more.


In our involvement in rural communities, it became clear that a programme had to be developed to give girls the opportunity to discuss topics such as body changes, relationships and teenage pregnancy. An organized group where they could learn from each other and receive guidance from qualified mentors in a safe environment was launched in 2020.


Currently we operate groups in Suurbraak as well as Buffeljags River. We believe that the program will grow and that with more funding we can offer it to more schools. The beneficiaries are girls between 13 and 17 years of age.

The purpose of the programme:

  • The objective of this programme is to create awareness and improved personal hygiene, school attendance and prevention of teenage pregnancies. Good menstrual hygiene is crucial for school attendance, health and the dignity of adolescent schoolgirls. According to a 2005 World Bank study, girls miss up to four consecutive days of school every month because of their periods. This impacts negatively on their education. Providing sanitary towels to the girls makes a significant difference to school attendance and helps enhance their future education.

Vision and Mission:

  • To establish a platform for young girls to be empowered
  • To address social issues and discover areas where support is needed
  • To motivate girls to break the mould of previous generations
  • To motivate them to strive for dignity and healthy confidence
  • To build a CORE GROUP of present and future role models in the community
  • To build stronger alliances in their different communities and with partners

Topics for discussion will be selected around current challenges for young girls:

  1. What is it to be a young girl in today’s society.
  2. Negative stereotyping
  3. Issues related to body image
  4. Pressures of 24-hour social networking
  5. Gender base violence
  6. Family problems
  7. Substance abuse
  8. Pressures of materialism
  9. Failure to succeed in the education system
  10. Information sharing about available educational programs


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