Reflections on the Dylan Lewis art tour



The Light from Africa Foundation sponsor a group of talented pupils from the Groenvlei High School in Lansdowne, Cape Town, to attend art lessons at the wonderful PETER CLARK ART CENTER in Newlands.

In August 2019 twenty seven of these Art learners attended the Dylan Lewis Sculpture Garden (DLSG) and the Stellenbosch Art Foundry (SAF).

The group was privileged to enjoy a guided tour through the DLSG. During this time they were allowed to ask questions and interact with the sculptures. They then spent time to discover the magic of Dylan’s garden and sculptures, on their own.

After enjoying some quiet time and the lovely food parcels sponsored by the Foundation, the group headed off to the Stellenbosch Art Foundry. Here they met Jacque Buis who runs the SAF and is Dylan Lewis’s Foundry man. For about 2 and half hours they were engaged in a sculpting workshop under the guidance of Lee Buis, a remarkable young man and the son of Jacques Buis.

There are few words that can explain the gratitude we have as the Light from Africa Foundation, the Groenvlei High school and art learners. The opportunity to experience something completely out of the ordinary, the magic of art and the genuine kindness of fellow artists, are the ingredients necessary to change lives.

The learners know that they are extremely fortunate and they don’t take it for granted. We will never really know the full impact this Art Tour has had on each one of the learners. Perhaps a window into the souls is provided with the following words a couple of the learners shared during the reflection time.

“This experience was Life changing.” Another referred to it as, “The best day of my life.” And another, “My passion for art has been ignited”

Lighting flames of creativity and hope in young lives



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