Future Male Leadership Testimonial.

I am writing to express my heartfelt gratitude for your generous support and contribution to the Future Leaders program. Your commitment to empowering young boys with new skills and coping mechanisms has had a significant impact on their lives and communities.

The Future Leaders program identifies and nurtures young boys who have the potential and motivation to become role models in their communities. We understand the unique challenges they face, coming from difficult home backgrounds and deprived communities.

Through our structured program, participants discover their inner potential, gain confidence, and develop essential life skills. They learn practices for better conflict resolution and behaviour management, cultivating self-motivation and becoming positive role models. Additionally, they master guidelines for evaluating personal effectiveness and managing stress, promoting a balanced life.

Your support has given these young boys the opportunity to break free from limitations and believe in a brighter future. With your contribution, we are inspiring hope, instilling confidence, and empowering them to overcome challenges and reach their full potential.

On behalf of the Future Leaders program and the young boys whose lives you have touched, I extend my deepest gratitude for your dedication and investment in their development. Your unwavering commitment to creating a better future for our youth is truly making a difference.

Thank you once again for being a valued partner in this transformative journey.



Andile Ndikandika

Future Male Leader Facilitator

Athlone High School

Facilitator: Megan Goliath

The Future Leaders’ programme at Athlone High school has empowered the girls both emotionally and physically. Often in a school setting, our primary focus is the academic well being of the learner and we often don’t tend to or “feed” the emotional, physical or spiritual side. Not because we as teachers don’t want to do so, but unfortunately, time does not allow for that. The future Leaders programme, thankfully, has allowed for our learners to experience that.

Megan has inspired the girls and made a positive impact in their growth. The time was short and the girls were always busy, but Megan thankfully and patiently, worked around their schedule, trying to accommodate them all. They are excited to attend the sessions and often come back beaming with joy, telling me how much they enjoyed it. Through dance, I feel they were able to connect with their inner selves and were able to identify certain qualities and characteristics. The girls were hand picked, thus, are responsible, hard working (sometimes) girls already. Their emotional growth has been exciting to witness and witnessing them walk with confidence, learning to love themselves, was the biggest blessing to see. Thank you Megan!

Megan gelled well with the learners so I think it was easy for them to trust her and open up to her. She has a great personality which just poured over into them. She has learned to understand and be patient with them.

This programme has been beneficial to the girls at our school as it equips them with the tools they need to become future leaders. Often these girls are taught that women don’t have a say and so in turn tend to shy away from standing out, and thus programme gives them the tools to do so. Character shaping takes place where learners are taught to be responsible confidence, how to love themselves to name a few.

Thank you for affording our school this opportunity. I hope that this will be the start of a long working relationship at Athlone high school.

Thank you Megan for what you do for our learners. For showing up and being you. The girls love you and enjoy and learn from each session! You are such a blessing.

Genevive Gabriels

Athlone High school teacher Coordinator



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