Workshops Build Capacity for Caregivers

The Light From Africa Foundation (LFAF) hosts regular workshops at the Kirstenbosch Goldfields Centre, providing different groups such as caregivers, principals and community leaders, capacitating them on life skills and tools to deal with secondary trauma.

The workshops are facilitated by the Goldfields Centre at the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, which offers a tranquil setting, conducive to the programme that enhances the experiences of workshop participants. Below is an update of some of the recent workshops we facilitated for various community-based organisations:

Ikamva Labantu

Two groups of principals and Early Childhood Development (ECD) practitioners supported by Ikamva Labantu attended our workshop in late December. Ikamva Labantu supports them with training and resources to be able to conduct their ECD activities in communities, and to assist with social development registrations. The feedback about this workshop was overwhelmingly positive and is evident how great the need is for creative investment into the lives of selfless caregivers working in challenging circumstances.

iKhaya Lethemba

The LFAF Care of the Carers program also hosted iKhaya Lethemba for an interactive workshop. LFAF facilitator, Christine Dube (seen above) presented a certificate to show our appreciation for allowing us to collaborate and partner with them. This worthy organisation provides a safe space for orphaned and vulnerable children, where they are loved, nurtured and cared for. Their staff goes above and beyond to ensure that the 108 students continue to thrive and perform in their education.

Fikekela Children’s Centre

Fikekela Children’s Centre in Khayelitsha asked us to facilitate a day workshop for some caregivers, who needed a day of nourishment to soul and spirits. This organisation provides a temporary home for children aged 0 – 8 years, who have been neglected, abandoned, abused, or orphaned. Nursed back to health and given a new start in life in a safe and loving environment.

Women For Change

This year, we will play hosts to various groups from Women for Change at the Kirstenbosch Goldfields Centre, as part of our Care of the Caregiver project. Women for Change is a wonderful empowerment programme by the City of Cape Town aimed at vulnerable women. The programme is developmental in nature. It seeks to capacitate women so that they can play a more meaningful and active role in their communities. This is done through skills development and training to promote economic empowerment, and life skills workshop so that participants can grow on a personal level. We congratulate the City of Cape Town on this special endeavour.


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