Youth Attend Biodiversity Lessons at Kirstenbosch

LFAF recently sponsored a visit to Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens for 50 youth from Westlake United Church Trust. Read more below.

Fifty learners from Westlake United Church Trust enjoyed guided lessons on biodiversity at the acclaimed Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden in Cape Town. The Light From Africa Foundation (LFAF) is proud to have sponsored this educational excursion which took place in October.

The youth, who come from various impoverished areas in the greater Cape metropole area was treated to an action-packed day, with hands-on skills development, education and awareness programmes to increase their knowledge about biodiversity.

“The impact of these learning programmes is far-reaching,” said LFAF Director, Almarie Pelser. “It greatly enhances the learners’ knowledge and their perceptions of the natural world.”

“The discovery of the environment through careful observation, recording and interpretation of data will hopefully serve as a catalyst for schools to embark on environmental projects, such as establishing an indigenous school garden,” she added.

Thank you to our donors for making these learning experiences for our youth beneficiaries possible.


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